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CJARS Fellowship Program

CJARS Fellowship Program Details

CJARS aims to produce a criminal justice data infrastructure that will support the research activities of a wide range of researchers. Our Fellowship Program seeks to cultivate a diverse user base, encouraging interested researchers from a range of backgrounds to consider incorporating CJARS into their ongoing research activities or to build original research projects that feature this novel piece of data infrastructure. We held the program between 2021 and 2023. New solicitations will be posted in the future as we secure funding for the program. To learn more about past opportunities, click on the “Download 2023 Program Solicitation” button below, or continue scrolling to check out our fellows from past years. 
Download 2023 Program Solicitation



Meet the 2023 Fellows

Andrew Bolibol

PhD Candidate in Health Policy (Economics)
Harvard University

Health and Crime: Medicaid’s impact on formerly incarcerated individuals

Carmen Gutierrez

Assistant Professor
Department of Public Policy
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Cognitive Functioning and ADRD Risk among US Adults with Histories of Criminal Legal System Involvement: Investigating Outcomes through Life Course and Spatial Approaches

Michael Makowsky

Associate Professor
John E. Walker Department of Economics
Clemson University

Employee criminal records and local monopsony power

Danielle Sobol

PhD Student in Policy Analysis
Pardee RAND Graduate School

Childhood Poverty, EITC, and the Criminal Justice System: Can an early intervention prevent Criminal Justice System Involvement?


Meet the 2022 Fellows

Kat Albrecht

Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice and Criminology
Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology
Georgia State University

A Nation-wide Analysis of Criminal Case Processing

Matias Axelrod

PhD Student, Economics
Department of Economics
Michigan State University

A Larger Slice of the PIECP: Inmate Savings, Recidivism, and Labor Outcomes

Naoka Carey

PhD Student, Applied Developmental Psychology
Lynch School of Education and Human Development
Boston College

Exploring the relationship between family member criminal justice involvement, family well-being and young adult outcomes


Meet the 2021 Fellows

Kwan-Lamar Blount-Hill

Director of Research and Data Analytics
Kings County (Brooklyn) District Attorney’s Office

Progressive prosecution and its outcomes

Siyu Liu

Assistant Professor
Department of Criminal Justice School of Public Affairs
Pennsylvania State University, Harrisburg

Understanding Criminal Offending and Mortality Using CJARS and the Mortality Disparities in American Communities (MDAC) Data

Chika Okafor

Doctoral Student
Department of Economics
Harvard University

Exploring Prosecutor Behavior and its Impacts on Society