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Choi, J., Kilmer, D., Mueller-Smith, M., & Taheri, S. (2023) Hierarchical Approaches to Text-based Offense Classification. Science Advances, 9(9), 1-15.

TOC tool out-of-sample prediction performance
statistics, by training data sample size

Finlay, K., Mueller-Smith, M., & Street, B. (2023). Criminal Justice Involvement, Self-employment, and Barriers in Recent Public Policy. Journal of Policy Analysis and Management, 42(1), 11-34.

Proportion of Form 1040 filers who filed a
Schedule C, tax years 2014–2018, by type of
criminal history

Finlay, K., Mueller-Smith, M., & Papp, J. (2022). The Criminal Justice administrative Records System: A Next-generation Research Data Platform. Scientific Data, 562(9), 1-11.

Operational depiction of CJARS

Deshpande, M., & Mueller-Smith, M. (2022). Does Welfare Prevent Crime? The Criminal Justice Outcomes of Youth Removed From SSI. The Quarterly Journal of Economics, 137(4), 2263-2307.

Impact of the removal of Supplemental Security
Income on likelihood of incarceration

Finlay, K., & Mueller-Smith, M. (2021). Justice-involved individuals in the labor market since the Great Recession. The ANNALS of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, 695(1), 107-122.

Yearly probability of employment by year-of-
felony-conviction cohort

Finlay, K., Mueller-Smith, M., & Street, B. Children’s Indirect Exposure to the U.S. Justice System: Evidence from Longitudinal Links between Survey and Administrative Data. Forthcoming at Quarterly Journal of Economics.

Percent of children with parental justice system
involvement (criminal charge), by child race and
parental income

Working Papers


Finlay, K., Gross, M., Lieberman, C., Luh, E., & Mueller-Smith, M. The Impact of Criminal Financial Sanctions: A Multi-State Analysis of Survey and Administrative Data.

The impact of increased monetary sanctions on
earnings, by state
The impact of adult prosecution versus juvenile
case processing on subsequent felony charges
Entity resolution model out-of-sample pre-
diction performance statistics, by training data
sample size