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Research – FSRDC Projects

External FSRDC Research Projects Using CJARS

Project # Authors Project Title
2034 Evan Rose (University of Chicago), Yotam Shem Tov (UCLA) Criminal Offenders in the Labor Market
2680 Lea Bart (University of Michigan), Sarah Miller (University of Michigan) The Consequences of the Design of Means-Tested Social Safety Net Programs
2695 Ethan Jenkins (University of Notre Dame) The Impact of Childhood Medicaid Eligibility on Future Criminal Involvement
2793 Ellora Derenoncourt (Princeton University), Benjamin Feigenberg (University of Illinois Chicago), Conrad Miller (UC Berkeley), Heather Sarsons (University of Chicago) The Rise of Punitive Criminal Justice Policy in the wake of the Great Migration
2802 Chika Okafor (Harvard University) Exploring Prosecutor Behavior and Its Impacts on Society
2829 Siyiu Liu (Pennsylvania State University) Understanding Criminal Offending and Mortality Using CJARS, The Numident File, and the Mortality Disparities in American Communities (MDAC) Data
2854 Andrew Joung (University of Michgan), James Reeves (University of Michigan) The Long-Run and Intergenerational Effects of Poverty on Labor Market Participation and Involvement in the Criminal Justice System
2882 Will von Geldern (University of Washington) The Effects of Informal and Formal Evictions on Criminal Justice System Contact
2898 Maya Rossin-Slater (Stanford University) The Effects of Early Childhood Cricumstances on Adult Inolvement in the Criminal Justice System
2931 Naoka Carey (Boston College), Rebekah Coley (Boston College) Exploring the relationship between family member criminal justice involvement, family well-being and young adult outcomes
2947 Brittany Street (University of Missouri), Emily Leslie (Brigham Young University) The effect of access to subsidized housing in the United States
2957 Nikhil Rao (University of Michigan), James Reeves (University of Michigan) Examining Interventions to Improve the Post-Release Outcomes of Incarcerated Individuals
2967 Melanie Wallskog (Duke University) The Costs of Entrepreneurship Versus Work
3002 Danielle Sobol (RAND Corporation) Childhood Poverty, EITC, and the Criminal Justice System: Can an early intervention prevent Criminal Justice System Involvement?
3011 Sarah Miller (University of Michigan) The Social and Economic Impact of Unconditional Cash Transfers
3013 Meredith Rosenthal (Harvard University), Benjamin Barsky (Harvard University) The Impact of Medicaid Expansion on Mortality among Persons with Criminal Justice Involvement
3035 Paige Ouimet (University of North Carolina), Geoffrey Tate (University of Maryland), Melanie Wallskog (Duke University) Comensation, Firms, and Employees
3054 Jordan Berne (University of Michigan) Early Childhood Education and Long-Run Outcomes
7500420 Sonya Porter (U.S. Census Bureau), Leah Clark (U.S. Census Bureau), Nikolas Pharris-Ciurej (U.S. Census Bureau), Andrew Penner (UC Irvine) The Long-Term Effects of Educational Experiences
7503097 Laura Wherry (NYU), Sarah Miller (University of Michigan) Health at birth and later life outcomes: Evaluating the returns to policy-driven early health investments
Vincent Thomas Mule (U.S. Census Bureau) Adminstrative Record Dual System Estimation (main)
7505721 Jordan Matsudaira (Cornell Univeristy), Leung (Cornell University), Zhuan Pei (Cornell University), Hilary Hoynes (UC Berkeley) Experimental Estimates of the Long-run Impacts of Welfare Reform on Participants and their Children
7505725 Hilary Hoynes (UC Berkeley), Pauline Leung (Cornell University), Jordan Matsudaira (Columbia University), Zhuan Pei (Cornell University) Safety Net Involvement and Individual Well-Being
7508273 Sarah Miller (University of Michigan), Laura Wherry (NYU) Family Options Study: New Evidence from Linked Adminstrative Data
7517251 Marianne Bitler (UC Davis), Jason Cook (University of Utah), Sonya Porter (U.S. Census Bureau) Impact of Access to the Safety Net on Crime
7519874 Raj Chetty (Harvard University), Rebecca Diamond (Stanford University), Thomas B. Foster (U.S. Census Bureau), Lawrence Katz (Harvard University), Sonya Porter (U.S. Census Bureau), Matthew Staiger (Harvard University), Laura Tach (Cornell University), Will Dobbie (Harvard University), Benjamin Goldman (Harvard University), Crystal Yang (Harvard University), Nico Rotundo (Opportunity Insights) HOPE VI Research Projects
Growing Class Gaps, Shrinking Race Gaps: Economic and Sociological Mechanisms Underlying Recent Trends in Intergenerational Mobility.
7522232 Amanda Eng (U.S. Census Bureau), Kevin Rinz (U.S. Census Bureau), Kate Pennington (U.S. Census Bureau), Ataurraheem Chaudhry (UC Berkeley), John Coglianese (Federal Reserve Board of Governors) Local Economic Conditions in Childhood and Well-Being in Adulthood
7529174 Shawn Klimek (U.S. Census Bureau), Joseph Staudt (U.S. Census Bureau), Elisabeth Perlman (U.S. Census Bureau) Measuring the Economic Development Agency's Good Jobs Challenge