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Research – FSRDC Projects

External FSRDC Research Projects Using CJARS

Authors Project Title
Carey (Boston College), Coley (Boston College), Dearing (Boston College), Fusaro (Boston College) Exploring the relationship between family member criminal justice involvement, family well-being and young adult outcomes
Derencourt (Princeton), Feigenberg (University of Illinois Chicago), Sarsons (University of British Columbia), Miller (UC Berkeley), Nelson (UC Berkeley) The Rise of Punitive Criminal Justice Policy in the Wake of the Great Migration
Hamilton (University of Nebraska Omaha) Multi-State Research on Juvenile Reoffending
Hoynes (UC Berkeley), Leung (Cornell), Matsudaira (Columbia University), Pei (Cornell) Safety Net Involvement and Individual Well-Being
Jenkins (Notre Dame), Sullivan (Notre Dame) The Impact of Childhood Medicaid Eligibility on Future Criminal Involvement
Joung (University of Michigan), Reeves (University of Michigan) The Long-Run and Intergenerational Effects of Poverty on Labor Market Participation and Involvement in the Criminal Justice System
Klimek (US Census Bureau), Staudt (US Census Bureau), Perlman (US Census Bureau) Measuring the Economic Development Agency’s Good Jobs Challenge
Liu (Penn State Harrisburg), Denver (Northeastern), DeWitt (UNC Charlotte) Understanding Criminal Offending and Mortality Using CJARS, the Numident File, and the Mortality Disparities in American Communities (MDsAC) Data
Matsudaira (Columbia University), Leung (Cornell), Pei (Cornell), Hoynes (UC Berkeley), Eng (US Census Bureau), Lee (Cornell), Wen (Cornell), Ruffini (Georgetown) Experimental estimates of the Long-run Impacts of Welfare Reform on Participants and their Children
Miller (University of Michigan), Rhodes (OpenResearch) The Social and Economic Impact of Unconditional Cash Transfers
Miller (University of Michigan), Wherry (NYU), Schess (Georgetown) Family Options Study: New Evidence from Linked Administrative Data
Mule (US Census Bureau), Keller (US Census Bureau) Administrative Record Dual System Estimation
Okafor (Harvard University) Exploring Prosecutor Behavior and its Impacts on Society
Rao (University of Michigan), Reeves (University of Michigan) Examining Interventions to Improve the Post-Release Outcomes of Incarcerated Individuals
Rose (University of Chicago), Shem-Tov (UCLA) Criminal Offenders in the Labor Market
Rossin-Slater (Stanford), Hoynes (UC Berkeley), Li (Stanford) The Effects of Early Childhood Circumstances on Adult Involvement in the Criminal Justice System
Sobol (RAND), Armour (RAND) Childhood Poverty, EITC, and the Criminal Justice System: Can an early intervention prevent Criminal Justice System Involvement?
Wallskog (Duke), Hwang (Northwestern), Yi (Boston College) The Costs of Entrepreneurship Versus Work
von Geldern (University of Washington), Martin (University of Washington) The Effects of Informal and Formal Evictions on Criminal Justice System Contact