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We are currently seeking applications for a Post-doctoral Research Fellow. Please click on this link for more details about the position. Applications are due by December 4th, 2023. We look forward to reviewing applications!

Donate data

Do you have criminal justice data sitting on your computer or server? Would you like to see it integrated with a vast array of social and economic data held by the federal government? Think about donating to the CJARS project!

With your help, we can grow CJARS to meet our goal of national coverage faster and more cost effectively. CJARS accepts data donations from organizations and researchers. Donated data become available to all qualified research with approved projects. To accept your donation, the data need to be well documented with clear acquisition provenance. Click on the CJARS data donation form to download the form and learn more about the information that we ask accompanies your data donation.

Please reach out to our project team to start the donation process at your earliest convenience (

Data Donation Form