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CJARS Releases 2022 Q4 Vintage

Vintage Highlights

  • CJARS now includes data from 35 states, with longitudinal records covering 68% of United States population
  • About 500 million more lines of raw data have been processed and added to CJARS
  • Advances in data quality control systems and data collection have continued to improve data fidelity

CJARS is excited to announce the 2022 Q4 vintage, which will be available through the Federal Statistical Research Data Center network early next year! If you want to learn about this vintage, check out these resources on our website: (1) updated 2022 Q4 data documentation, and (2) updated 2022 Q4 benchmarking report.

For those interested in applying to work with CJARS, our Title 13 proposal guide provides details about the steps necessary to request CJARS through the FSRDC system. If you are already a current CJARS data user working on an approved FSRDC project and would like to incorporate the latest vintage of CJARS into your research, please reach out to your local FSRDC administrator for assistance.

Click on the map to be taken taken to an interactive version where you can learn about more 2022 Q4 coverage details

Improvements for 2022 Q4 Vintage

Expansion in data coverage

  • New historical data holdings have been added across both geographic and procedural domains:
    • Courts – SC
    • Incarceration – IA, KS, MN, NV, NY, OK
    • Probation – IA, MN
    • Parole – IA, KS, MN, OK
  • Updated data extracts in jurisdictions covered in prior CJARS vintage, which include:
    • More recently recorded data (i.e., 2021 and 2022)
    • Better coverage and quality (e.g., more complete coverage, less variable missingness)
    • Updated records added in AZ, CA, FL, GA, IL, MI, MT, NC, ND, NE, NJ, PA, and TX

Advancement in data quality vetting

  • Automated data quality assessment system that identifies and flags statistical anomalies for manual review.
  • Data continue to be benchmarked against all available federal statistical series:
    • Uniform Crime Report
    • State Court Processing Statistics series
    • National Prisoner Statistics Program
    • National Corrections Reporting Program
    • Annual Probation Survey
    • Annual Parole Survey

Other announcements

  • Analytic data coverage files are now described in the CJARS data documentation
  • Experimental variables that flag domestic violence offenses now available in adjudication and arrest data tables

Questions about CJARS or the 2022 Q4 vintage? Contact us at: